My 17 Greatest Business Lessons

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In nine years of designing, manufacturing and distributing handbags I have learned (and earned) many lessons. Here are 17 of my favorites:

1. Release any and all expectations of outcome.

2. Avoid sacrificing yourself or your business in hopes of people liking you more.   They won’t.

3. Set intentions not goals. If you narrowly miss a goal, you see it as a failure.  If you almost hit your intention, you know you’re on the right track

4. Always, always, always follow-up and follow through.

5. If you don’t like how vendors treat you - move on.

6. Release any “lack mentality”- even in the midst of a recession.

7. Seek the positive, and avoid the negative.

8. If it feels right, it is.  If it doesn’t feel right, it’s probably not.

9. Always sleep on big decisions.

10. Share, network, and pay it forward; you never know who may have a connection that will one day help you.

11. Participate in entrepreneur and networking events to keep ideas and perspectives fresh.

12. Avoid being penny wise at the expense of being pound foolish.

13. Never compare yourself to anyone else, in business or life.  Ever. Your path is your path.

14. Celebrate others’ wins.

15. Celebrate your wins. Always.

16. Be very conscious of your thoughts; they create your reality.

17. As I learned in a financial workshop with Chellie Campbell, “Always swim with dolphins!” The tuna are shark food, and the sharks are out for blood. Dolphins are known to be smart, positive, supportive and protective. Don’t play with the sharks and don’t be the sacrificial lamb…ahum, tuna.


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