7 Trade Show Lessons Learned

As far as learning curves go, there are few experiences as effective as debuting at a trade show. Back in 2006, when I started this business, I was essentially flying by the seat of my pants. A mere few months later, I exhibited at my first trade show. I learned 95% of everything I needed to know with that initial experience. (Seriously!) I share my lessons in this post.

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Paige's Picks

We buy what catches our eye. This goes for clothing, sure, but especially for accessories. We shop for a mood, a feeling, a statement. But gaining insight into what shapes from a line the designer actually uses on a daily basis speaks volumes about both those styles and the designer herself.

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Tuscany: Where to Eat, Sleep, Ponder and Wander

The food incredible, the art outstanding, the history rich, the scenery stunning, and things to do and see practically endless: this is Tuscany. After a three days of working and exploring in Bologna , my mom joined me, and we set off on eight days of discovering the Italian region of Tuscany. Here are just a few of the highlights I would highly recommend if you ever find yourself in the area.

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7 Ways to Spot a Well Made Handbag

Large chain stores selling clothing at unbelievably low prices are propagating a movement aptly named:  Fast Fashion.  Fast Fashion on the surface appears to give the public access to a huge selection of clothing at very appealing prices. However, those who examine this movement more closely are telling us that, in the end, buyers are spending as much, if not more, than they would if they originally opted for the higher quality, more expensive alternative.

Handbags have fallen victim to the same craze.  Knowing how to recognize poorly made handbags, (some of which are made by expensive and luxury brands), can mean the difference between having a bag last for a few months or enjoying it for decades.

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Bologna, Italy: Where to Eat, Sleep, Ponder, and Wander

Designing the PHD Fall 2014 Collection required, and not unfortunately, a trip to Bologna, Italy, for Lineapelle. Lineapelle is primarily an event for those in the fashion industry sourcing leather, and materials for shoe construction and sales. There are also many intriguing finds for handbag designers, which are unavailable anywhere else in the world!

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The Complicated History of Pink

Everyone has an opinion about pink.

However, what many do not know is this contentious color has a storied past, which likely and unknowingly influenced our opinions on it. The details of pink’s history are many, but a few highlights help us understand what this color went through over the centuries, to bring it to where it is today.

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The Book that Changed My Life

Dr. Lissa Rankin had a question that most in the medical community didn’t – why do certain patients spontaneously heal while others don’t?

This question was not something Dr. Rankin pondered based on simple hyperbole, but upon witnessing actual cases where patients who should have otherwise succumbed to the realities of a grave illness – pulled themselves out of it.

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How to Handle Stressful Days

“If you want to feel rich, just count the things you have that money can’t buy.” ~Unknown

Who doesn’t consider having a temper tantrum that would impress toddlers when things, sometimes beyond all reasonable comprehension, are just not going well?

While I find screaming, pouting, blaming (or all three) to be entirely unproductive, I found the best way to direct my energy, in the less than perfect moments, is to actually prepare myself for them.

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PHD Moves On Up

For well over a year I knew we were too big and our office too small, but I did not have the heart to leave it. I loved my office neighbors. I loved the tree outside our window. I loved my space. I loved my Westwood neighborhood. But the workplace I adored had everything except room to expand.

In January of this year I began to casually look for bigger office options. Admittedly, my efforts were, at best, half-hearted. When the noise and merriment of the new all day happy hour from the restaurant below arrived, and with it the respective parking hassles, I felt incentivized to step up the search.

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The 5 Designers Who Most Inspire Me

I source inspiration for handbag designs in elements of nature, facets of architecture, via meditation, and in my ongoing studies of fashion and designers.

The designers I admire most are those who were true to themselves while simultaneously creating historically influential and timeless pieces. Of my five favorites, all have stood against the status quo and the established gender roles of their time to create fashion that continues to impact clothing and accessories to this day.

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