PHD Moves On Up

For well over a year I knew we were too big and our office too small, but I did not have the heart to leave it. I loved my office neighbors. I loved the tree outside our window. I loved my space. I loved my Westwood neighborhood. But the workplace I adored had everything except room to expand. In January of this year I began to casually look for bigger office options. Admittedly, my efforts were, at best, half-hearted. When the noise and merriment of the new all day happy hour from the restaurant below arrived, and with it the respective parking hassles, I felt incentivized to step up the search.

When the vacant lot across the street was purchased, and the jackhammers arrived my search became a top priority.

The place I found on Craigslist looked very appealing. The ad said the office was double the size of my current space. The building, from just the outside, felt peaceful and grounding, but the manager not returning my calls dashed my hopes.

I kept looking.

It was days later when the property manager called me. He was simply too busy to return my calls earlier, but the space was still available if I was interested.

We moved 3 weeks later.

Now in Santa Monica, we have what we had before the jackhammers and all day drink specials arrived – a peaceful place to work, in a beautiful space with very few distractions. We also have something we didn’t – ample storage to keep what was previously floor to ceiling boxes, bins, and most important, my own dedicated design space with room to expand.

We look forward to getting to know our neighbors. Perhaps we could meet for a drink – we know a place with a great happy hour.


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