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How It’s Made: A PHD Handbag Collection

Form without function is futile, and honestly what fun is function without form? This is why at PHD when I design new handbags and collections I spend countless hours perfecting both.

Want to know the inside story of what it takes? Here is a peak into how I designed our recent Spree Collection.

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Ignored the Nay-Sayers, Did it Anyway

Paige Hamilton was repeatedly told she would ‘never make it’ in the ‘brutal’ design industry full of ‘miserable people trying to rip you off’. Paige listened to them – a few times. Then Paige decided she was going to do it anyway. Today Paige designs and sells handbags, manufactured in the United States, which are sought after by celebrities, the world’s royalty, and the finest stores in the nation.

Here is a bit of her story.

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